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Posted on: November 10, 2008

This Usain Bolt guy is a terrible contender in the event. I’ve run the same games with him (junior, but not the same heat) and didn’t even think of such talent within. He was just another athlete.
Now various blogs and news pages talk about human limits and how Bolt out run the earlier math models. Non of the models could not match Bolt’s supremacy showed in Beijing.
Actually how fast a Homo sapien can go is the next question. Most of the scientists predict for 9.37 but someday another version of Bolt may destroy the model!!

Actually to my opinion, there is no limit to human talent and achievement. Tissue implants, fiber changes and new training methods would be invented and increase human potential smashing yet another record every time..

2 Responses to "..:Usain Bolt:.."

While I’d like to believe that nothing is impossible for those willing to sacrifice and train, I pray that Usain Bolt’s achievement, if surpassed, is only broken by someone who is “real” not implanted, artificial and less than themselves.

For now, I consider myself privileged to have watched this amazing human being run like the wind in the Olympics!

interesting infor..

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