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Posted on: February 19, 2009

I got a chance to say “Hello World!!” truely, not in a Java coding. 2007 Bangkok Universiade. Of cource Hello again Bangkok! My sister would never visit Bangkok, as she repeats after the experience she had the last time (2002, Asain Athletic Championships).

Universiade was a place where it concentrated the true meaning of sportsmanship. I’ve been to other games which were competed in a professional manner but to say; Universiade is better to witness what sports truly does.

Students all over the globe stand as one. Get to know each other, congratulate, shake hands and become brothers and sisters. Well by the means of sportsmanship, they act as true sportsmen.

Bangkok carried lots of memories from the past and the country is a milestone in my life. With my team members, I experienced the world saying, “Hello World!!”.

Non of us won medals or got near to one, but winning medals is not the intention of participating in such event.

Making connections, building your network with other undergraduates, been friendly to others and lots more cultures and qualities to be learnt at  a Uniersiade.

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