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Condemn the attack on the Sri Lanka Cricket Team in Pakistan…

Posted on: March 4, 2009

The morning was ready for the third day of the second test with Pakistan. But there was no cricket…its was terrorism before them.

The terrorist attack  on the Sri Lanka cricket team must be condemned by all nations and act against. Six players were wounded along with the assistant coach. Five Pakistani policeman killed.

Whom to blame..Osama? LTTE..? or the rivalry between India and Pakistan.

Both Indian and Pakistani officials try to solve this matter but the terrorist groups has their own agenda for a stripe of land. But who suffers…?

Is this a tail of the Taj attack??

Cant imagine how far the terrorists  go. Its like the LTTE creating bombs using infant milk sucking bottles. Who the hell gives these ideas to them.

They first started from Munich, then in Atlanta and now the SL Cricket team. All must know that sports are to join hands with others but not to kill eachother.

1 Response to "Condemn the attack on the Sri Lanka Cricket Team in Pakistan…"

it sounds like the recent attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team is turning out to be a huge blow to tons of Pakistani cricket fans, since now the sport in general has to be curtailed throughout the country

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