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Whistle blowing is that to publicly allege concealed misconduct on the part of an organization or body of people, usually from within that same organization. This misconduct may be classified in many ways; for example, a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest, such as fraud, health/safety violations, and corruption. Whistle blowers may make their allegations internally (for example, to other people within the accused organization or externally (to law enforcement agencies, to the media or to groups concerned with the issues).

– Wikipedia

Establishing effective reporting mechanisms is one of the key elements of a fraud prevention program.  Many scams are discovered or suspected by people who arent involved in them. The challenge of employees is to encourage witnesses to speak out by showing that it is very much in their own interests.  Organizations that can overcome the culture of silence and encourage openness are likely to benefit in many ways.

In the UK there is no legal requirement for companies to have a policy on whistle blowing. But listed companies are obliged under the Combined Code to have whistle blowing arrangements or explain why they do not, while public bodies are expected to have them. Firms that are subject to the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, are also required to have whistle blowing arrangements.

According to Public Concern at Work’s best-practice guidance, a whistle blowing policy should make the following points;

  • The organizations take malpractices seriously. Here it should give examples of the type of concerns to be raised, thereby distinguishing a whislte blowing issue from a grievance.
  • Employees have the option to raise their concerns outside their reporting line. Here the policy should give guidance on when and how concerns may properly be raised outside the organization.
  • Employees may access confidential guidance from an independent body.
  • The organization will, when requested, respect the confidentiality of anyone raising a concern.
  • The victimization of a whistle blower will be treated as a disciplinary matter- as will any malicious false allegation.


Well…time passed and things changed. There were only dreams and dreams for performance. Things went accordingly until sometime. Sigh of relief I expected not was in my way, but it is indeed a relief.

I don’t think someone was expecting to meet me there in Belgrade after reading my last post. 😛 Sure, its bad news if someone was. I’m not coming there folks. I withdrew my participation from the SL Universiade team along with my batch mate swimmer.

It was pretty clear that Belgrade 2009 would be a damn sorrow when the results come because on the other hand its a must to have a good (rather better) GPA. Huh!

But some where over the rainbow, there would be another POV for me. “It should be noted that my POV is changing fast these days”, Einstein appears a lot on my desktop along with Charles Darwin.

“Inspiration”,  it is called.

Its only today I decided to write a book, actually it’ll go by my gmail address, but a cracked version.

All after the terrorist leader was killed after a 3 decade war here in Sri Lanka these snaps are from the World T20 cricket match arena. They hide the truth behind their story and march to ban  Sri Lanka Cricket and other international encounters of Sri Lanka (SL).

All these Tamil people are were once in Sri Lanka. Soon the war started they were given refugee visa and sent to overseas countries by the SL  government those days. The able and rich Tamils left SL as refugees and the others who weren’t wealthy settled here with no harm. Any one can ask Tamils here in SL whether they were harmed or not permitted to enter schools or universities in SL. Shame on the Tamils who betrayed mother SL went to seek pleasure abroad.

Some tamils in UK burning our Sri Lanka flag.

Some tamils in UK burning our Sri Lanka flag.

Some of the Tamils don’t know how to respect a National Falg. They enjoy burning it. Just imagine their mentality in doing such.

The gathering against SL Cricket

The gathering against SL Cricket

The truth behind this is that…………..

They would have to return to SL because the war is over. They must leave their luxurious lives and refugee benefits. Their refugee visa would be canceled and back to homeland SL. They are the people who need the war to be continued where young innocent tamils are forced to join war by the LTTE. Its a fact that young girls of 14-20 made pregnant by their parents to avoid getting into LTTE womens’ army. We Sinhalese have never battled against Tamils, only against the terrorists tamil carders.

The simple answer is….just ask the tamils in Sri Lanka??? They were here and they know far better than the crocodile tear people.


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