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This is originally from instructables. I made this available there and now here.
Its a peanut butter + chocolate cup.
Started off with some leftover stuff at the freezer..


1. Left over chocolates (You can use any amount for your taste)
2. Peanut butter
3. Small amount of sugar


1. One yogurt cup (can use any holder for the cup)
2. Spoons
3. Pan on gas oven (to heat up the chocolate and peanut butter)

Step 1 How to make it

Well gather all the stuff. Another instructable said to have some icing sugar but I didn’t have them.

(mom was not at home)

Heat up the chocolates. You may or may not have to grate the chocolates to make it easier to melt..
Heat up the peanut butter.

Amounts of both these are of your choice coz its based on how much you need to “devour”.

Take your cup and put a  polythene inside to make it easier to remove the yummy after freezing.
Pour the chocolate layer to the bottom. Keep it there for a while to adjust and become more harder..(2mins enough)

Then goes the peanut butter layer….(wait 2mins)

Finally the choco layer…Yumm…..

Step 2 Freeze it

Put your cup or cups in the freezer allowing it to freeze for 10mins.

the best thing here is that you can eat it soon. Best when your home alone with nothing to eat (like my situation here).

This is not recommended to share with others coz you won’t be left with anything to eat when others start eating it. Enjoy….!!

I don’t know whether this is a need of all university students in final year. Hmm..well..I need to get out from there now. Just glimpsed back n saw that the last post was from 5th of November.. uh.. a lot of time.

I read “Who moved my cheese?” and didn’t change much from whom I was before reading. Sad for that though. The pdf I read had some background info in the beginning which ruined my reading.

The faculty and the university is going on smoothly but its like I miss something there (surely not a person :P). It may be due to my time table or rather the amount of work we have in this final semester of university. I m not emotional in this case but I think you can understand what I’m expressing here.

Had a jump start with the “Code of Conduct“. This time the target was batch 9 aiming batch 10 who are to come in. I suppose they would take this seriously this time because they were victims of ill metaled buggers last year. Hope no one would break the mirror this time.

I am gonna learn C starting from next week. (Hope it would work for me) Embedded Programming is one subject I am taking this semester and the lecturer expects some C programming in our gut!!. (He has a lot of fat to loose 😀 )

Yesterday was my interim presentation for the final year 10 credit project. It went ok unless for some comments for words used and the clarity of designs. As this was an amalgamation of several projects into one Organic Building concept, we had to bear all the comments as addressed to us.

Uncompleted work or rather plans still need time to blossom. FITFoss movement is on halt due to unavoidable reasons. Happy to say that FITTrees came out in some other angle (I was not involved), there are some plants now on the basement. The faculty organized it for the 100th board meeting on April 1st (:P :P).

A new idea in mind. “FITKites”! Have to talk with relevant parties to make this a success. I’ll update he world on this project later.

AgentClique is my specialty area in the project. Its the natural  human interconnections I used to create a set of agents who are in a clique. More details later. Today is Friday, lecture at 10.00 am (Concurrent Programming). So I have to leave now coz the time is 08.09 am.


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