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I don’t know whether this is a need of all university students in final year. Hmm..well..I need to get out from there now. Just glimpsed back n saw that the last post was from 5th of November.. uh.. a lot of time.

I read “Who moved my cheese?” and didn’t change much from whom I was before reading. Sad for that though. The pdf I read had some background info in the beginning which ruined my reading.

The faculty and the university is going on smoothly but its like I miss something there (surely not a person :P). It may be due to my time table or rather the amount of work we have in this final semester of university. I m not emotional in this case but I think you can understand what I’m expressing here.

Had a jump start with the “Code of Conduct“. This time the target was batch 9 aiming batch 10 who are to come in. I suppose they would take this seriously this time because they were victims of ill metaled buggers last year. Hope no one would break the mirror this time.

I am gonna learn C starting from next week. (Hope it would work for me) Embedded Programming is one subject I am taking this semester and the lecturer expects some C programming in our gut!!. (He has a lot of fat to loose 😀 )

Yesterday was my interim presentation for the final year 10 credit project. It went ok unless for some comments for words used and the clarity of designs. As this was an amalgamation of several projects into one Organic Building concept, we had to bear all the comments as addressed to us.

Uncompleted work or rather plans still need time to blossom. FITFoss movement is on halt due to unavoidable reasons. Happy to say that FITTrees came out in some other angle (I was not involved), there are some plants now on the basement. The faculty organized it for the 100th board meeting on April 1st (:P :P).

A new idea in mind. “FITKites”! Have to talk with relevant parties to make this a success. I’ll update he world on this project later.

AgentClique is my specialty area in the project. Its the natural  human interconnections I used to create a set of agents who are in a clique. More details later. Today is Friday, lecture at 10.00 am (Concurrent Programming). So I have to leave now coz the time is 08.09 am.

University life is perceived as a door step which a student opens his arms to the outer world. As freshers they enter university and leave as graduates with their heads held high with dignity and capability. Throughout their university life they engage in various activities, curriculum and otherwise.

These said activities enhance their interaction and other qualities which a university student should have, and has been successful throughout the past years. In par with those activities, I would like to propose a new programme to the new entrants of FIT.


The programme is under the FITCOC and gives chance for every student entering the faculty to plant a tree on his/her name. Continuing with his/her degree programme for four years, the tree would grow as the student grows in knowledge and technical expertise. Finally as a graduate from the University of Moratuwa, the same student can witness the tree grown as he has for years.

Such moment would be valuable in various aspects for a student and even for a faculty supporting nature and social responsibility. Even after decades lapse, the tree stands still, resembling the strength of a FIT student in the corporate world after graduation.

My proposal is to hold this ceremony with each and every orientation programme to be held in the future beginning from Batch 9. A suitable place for the programme should be reserved and proper steps should be taken to manage the quantity of the trees.

  • One tree per student or
  • One tree per a group of students

I hope the faculty would give the fullest and heartiest support to inaugurate this programme and continue it for the future.

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Start of a new era in the Faculty. We (Me, Laknath, Lakshan) along with three other speakers pushed the wheel to inaugurate the Free n Open Source Software community in the faculty. This was a need which the previous batches tried to establish but were in vein to a reason unknown. But now its all history.

With the latest intake (FIT-B9), and with the new curriculum, we showed them a new pathway to adjust their future. This project unveils our potential in the FOSS movement and support we can give as The Faculty of IT.

To be frank, this post is the first time I am using Firefox on Ubuntu 9.04 (which I just received with another Kubuntu CD). I am not seriously into FOSS stuff yet but with the new project and the new CDs its kind of itching for me. 😛

Well the next steps would be after our examinations, Level 3 Semester 2. We intend to set up a new FOSS resarch lab with the faculty along with other infrastructure changes we need for the students. (Specially the WiFi expansion for laptop users).

Taking in some FOSS projects and encouraging our students to involve with them would be another effort if they have already been grabbed by MS. He he :P.

Well…more projects to come from my head after the FOSS@FIT. Especially the FITCOC which I need to start soon after the ASE paper. But I am in danger of been stolen “my” intellectual property. Lets hope for the best n prepare for the worst.


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