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From today onwards, I’ll be publishing my findings here to aid the students who sit for the T4 case study to complete CIMA. There would be articles on all the areas of the construction industry including ethics and best practices in various projects. Happy learning guys…

This is originally from instructables. I made this available there and now here.
Its a peanut butter + chocolate cup.
Started off with some leftover stuff at the freezer..


1. Left over chocolates (You can use any amount for your taste)
2. Peanut butter
3. Small amount of sugar


1. One yogurt cup (can use any holder for the cup)
2. Spoons
3. Pan on gas oven (to heat up the chocolate and peanut butter)

Step 1 How to make it

Well gather all the stuff. Another instructable said to have some icing sugar but I didn’t have them.

(mom was not at home)

Heat up the chocolates. You may or may not have to grate the chocolates to make it easier to melt..
Heat up the peanut butter.

Amounts of both these are of your choice coz its based on how much you need to “devour”.

Take your cup and put a  polythene inside to make it easier to remove the yummy after freezing.
Pour the chocolate layer to the bottom. Keep it there for a while to adjust and become more harder..(2mins enough)

Then goes the peanut butter layer….(wait 2mins)

Finally the choco layer…Yumm…..

Step 2 Freeze it

Put your cup or cups in the freezer allowing it to freeze for 10mins.

the best thing here is that you can eat it soon. Best when your home alone with nothing to eat (like my situation here).

This is not recommended to share with others coz you won’t be left with anything to eat when others start eating it. Enjoy….!!

I don’t know whether this is a need of all university students in final year. Hmm..well..I need to get out from there now. Just glimpsed back n saw that the last post was from 5th of November.. uh.. a lot of time.

I read “Who moved my cheese?” and didn’t change much from whom I was before reading. Sad for that though. The pdf I read had some background info in the beginning which ruined my reading.

The faculty and the university is going on smoothly but its like I miss something there (surely not a person :P). It may be due to my time table or rather the amount of work we have in this final semester of university. I m not emotional in this case but I think you can understand what I’m expressing here.

Had a jump start with the “Code of Conduct“. This time the target was batch 9 aiming batch 10 who are to come in. I suppose they would take this seriously this time because they were victims of ill metaled buggers last year. Hope no one would break the mirror this time.

I am gonna learn C starting from next week. (Hope it would work for me) Embedded Programming is one subject I am taking this semester and the lecturer expects some C programming in our gut!!. (He has a lot of fat to loose 😀 )

Yesterday was my interim presentation for the final year 10 credit project. It went ok unless for some comments for words used and the clarity of designs. As this was an amalgamation of several projects into one Organic Building concept, we had to bear all the comments as addressed to us.

Uncompleted work or rather plans still need time to blossom. FITFoss movement is on halt due to unavoidable reasons. Happy to say that FITTrees came out in some other angle (I was not involved), there are some plants now on the basement. The faculty organized it for the 100th board meeting on April 1st (:P :P).

A new idea in mind. “FITKites”! Have to talk with relevant parties to make this a success. I’ll update he world on this project later.

AgentClique is my specialty area in the project. Its the natural  human interconnections I used to create a set of agents who are in a clique. More details later. Today is Friday, lecture at 10.00 am (Concurrent Programming). So I have to leave now coz the time is 08.09 am.

Take into account this humble request coming from all sportsmen, supporters, alumni & well wishers before you arrive to a decision on the cancellation of all sports for the rest of the current Inter University season….

We write in severe pain and deep regret due to the wounds that have procured as repercussions of the untenable conduct of University Undergraduates in tarnishing the true spirit of Sports, not necessarily within the field, but largely outside it. We are sorry to take cognizance of the dire present, stained by the inconsiderate acts of our own peers jeopardizing long and strong traditions and friendships our predecessors entrenched through Sports during their University phase. Now it has reached its apex of disrupting the continuance of an invaluable legacy yearned to be felt by all Sportsmen at all Universities.

We understand whole heartedly the scope and extent of the danger that these acts with the taint of violence have created to Sports, Sportsmen, Authorities and the Spectators, and it is shocking that this has resulted directly from the hands of our learned colleagues: the cream of intellectuals and the hope of our Nation. The unnecessary over-involvement of the spectators outside the field has flared up the agitation in a series of quid-pro-quo fights seeding antagonism. We are ashamed and will in no way try to shy away from the blame. Those of us who are sportsmen might have had little to do with such violence, but we cannot in anyway try to disown fault or contributory negligence on our part.

As much as we cannot disown our faults, we also cannot refuse to acknowledge the fact that the price for these actions have threatened to come at the cost of the sweat, toil, commitment and hard-work invested by our Sportsmen. It most certainly isn’t fair, that the Sportsmen who have put in exhaustive efforts in their respective sports in order to bring fame to their University should suffer the consequences of these sins. For a Sportsman who has sincerely dedicated himself to his Sport, destroying his dreams by these petty acts of antagonism would be the last thing on his mind. We feel an overwhelming discomfort to realize that practniversityice, fitness sessions, hopes and dreams of glory ought to be shattered so miserably. It is in this concern that we write for an earnest plea voicing out the burst of sweat and muscle which resists our souls from sitting back and do nothing.

We realize that it is for us to take responsibility of rectifying all mistakes to demand a change in attitudes among the Sporting fraternity and importantly the crowd, towards the true essence of Sportsmanship. We wish to preach to our comrades we should embrace our emotions, without being victims of these good-for-nothing antagonisms. Though we have different perspectives, we hold common hopes of moving forward from this stalemate. It is our solemn wish to witness Sports in all its glory with the highest standards of discipline on the part of the players and spectators. We understand at present, that exercising control over burst of antagonism is impossible on the part of the Masters-In-Charge or the authorities of either the Sports Councils or Universities. It has to be ended at the very root that it instigated, and that is the students themselves of the respective Universities.

For this purpose we have taken up the responsibility to ensure that Sporting activities would continue in its true spirit. In cheering our team and universities we should never allow any misfits or pests breeding among us to sabotage our fun, efforts and glory. It is evident that it is no one’s wish to create a standstill. A player or a fan would rather cheer his team to a loss, than to see his own players’ effort go down the drain due a cancellation. As sportsmen, students, supporters and well wishers of University sports we hereby assure you with the fullest confidence that we shall do everything within our ambit to stop and eradicate all forms of antagonism in the air.

We understand that this is no easy task, but our hopes come from the trust and belief that we have on ourselves and our learned colleagues. We believe that our prudent Undergraduates can overcome this antagonism. An understanding that these acts of violence only portray the trifle minded thinking which negates itself in the light of the thought that the very existence of Sports between our Universities has been put to test. We realize that when cheering our teams, expressing antagonism should not come at the expense of our own Sportsmen for whom we make our presence to cheer. We hereby pledge that all rivalry shall be within the field and in the true spirit of Sportsmanship, for even if we are to lose we wish to play a good game. Therefore we promise not to get unnecessarily involved in the game and resort to violent means as we have done over the last few weeks.

Hence, in this regard we beg of you to also place your trust in us and your own wise students to end this disaster from where it took root. We extend our humble plea, to join hands with us positively and to keep things moving from this stalemate so that the dreams and sweat of our Sportsman do not unjustly go without recognition by any cancellations. It may require extra Police security or a massive turn around in individual attitudes, but we are determined to do what it takes to secure what is at stake. We earnestly appeal to you to support us in this cause, so that when we achieve this, we shall be able to look back and say that we did it, we overcame violence and instilled order without a single match or event being cancelled or suspended.

We shall be grateful if you would accept our kind proposition.

Sign the petition at :

Got to know the results of the examination to save the world. Well… I am through resulting to say “I am in”. Finally got a chance to get the (Hons) after a battle with time and  academia. This was a dream for about a semester where I felt I am falling back. But I should’ve done it earlier.

I see it differently now. Bad relationships returns bad to you. I have won the battle by removing or rather re-thinking of my relationships. I am talking with some encapsulation here. There are somethings which should not be broadcast coz I’ve remined the same way throughout the said semester.

Now its another mission to get others in but only others who are willing. Several seemed to be enthusiastic about this but some still are waiting for a ping. Just dreaming won’t do anything for you ppl. Tomorrow we’ll handover the letter to consider all of us in the L4 (only for the ones who need it) and demand for a face to face meeting with the Dean which we didn’t have after Firdy’s case.

I am in but I am for others in this mission.

Hopes for tomorrow. INTECS, FOSS@FIT, KrishTrees (fitTrees) and FITCOC still remain silent for the time been. It all starts next week with L4. Lets hope for the best and courage for the good work to be done.

University life is perceived as a door step which a student opens his arms to the outer world. As freshers they enter university and leave as graduates with their heads held high with dignity and capability. Throughout their university life they engage in various activities, curriculum and otherwise.

These said activities enhance their interaction and other qualities which a university student should have, and has been successful throughout the past years. In par with those activities, I would like to propose a new programme to the new entrants of FIT.


The programme is under the FITCOC and gives chance for every student entering the faculty to plant a tree on his/her name. Continuing with his/her degree programme for four years, the tree would grow as the student grows in knowledge and technical expertise. Finally as a graduate from the University of Moratuwa, the same student can witness the tree grown as he has for years.

Such moment would be valuable in various aspects for a student and even for a faculty supporting nature and social responsibility. Even after decades lapse, the tree stands still, resembling the strength of a FIT student in the corporate world after graduation.

My proposal is to hold this ceremony with each and every orientation programme to be held in the future beginning from Batch 9. A suitable place for the programme should be reserved and proper steps should be taken to manage the quantity of the trees.

  • One tree per student or
  • One tree per a group of students

I hope the faculty would give the fullest and heartiest support to inaugurate this programme and continue it for the future.

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For all @ FIT in aid of ASE subject tomorrow. Hope this helps..

Christian’s Algorithm

A clock synchronization algorithm used to synchronize the time on a machine with a remote time server. This is a very straightforward algorithm, and is quite easy to understand.

The procedure:

  1. A process p requests the time in a message mr and receives the time value t in a message mt.
  2. t is inserted in mt at the last possible point before transmission from the server S.
  3. Tround = Time(send mr) + Time ( receive mt) = (1-10)*10-3 seconds on a LAN.
  4. min = minimum queueing time for S.

The earliest point at which S could have placed the time mt was min after p dispatched mr. The time by S’s clock when the message is received by P is in the range t + min < p < t + Tround - min. The total width of this range is Tround - 2*min. This gives an accuracy of (Tround / 2 – min). If all of that made absolutely no sense to you, here’s a much simpler (but far less rigorous) explanation. Basically, the client sends a request for the current time to the time server. When it receives the response, it finds the transmission delay (time between the request being sent and the response being received), divides that in half, and adds that to the time received back from the server. The idea is to eliminate the inaccuracy caused by network delays. This assumes that the link is equally fast both ways, which may not always be the case. But as with any algorithm, you have to make tradeoffs.

Berkeley Algorithm

A distributed clock synchronization algorithm, developed by Drs. Gusella and Zatti at the University of California, Berkeley in 1989.

Here’s what you do:
Choose a coordinator computer to act as the master. The master periodically polls the slaves whose clocks are to be synchronized to the master. The slaves send their clock values to the master.

The master observes the transmission delays and estimates their local clock times. Once this is done, it takes a fault-tolerant average of all the times including its own, and ignores those that are far outside of the range of the rest.

The master then sends each slave the amount (positive or negative) that it should adjust its clock. This is very ingenious, because it means that it doesn’t have to send absolute times (which will be messed up by network delays


Start of a new era in the Faculty. We (Me, Laknath, Lakshan) along with three other speakers pushed the wheel to inaugurate the Free n Open Source Software community in the faculty. This was a need which the previous batches tried to establish but were in vein to a reason unknown. But now its all history.

With the latest intake (FIT-B9), and with the new curriculum, we showed them a new pathway to adjust their future. This project unveils our potential in the FOSS movement and support we can give as The Faculty of IT.

To be frank, this post is the first time I am using Firefox on Ubuntu 9.04 (which I just received with another Kubuntu CD). I am not seriously into FOSS stuff yet but with the new project and the new CDs its kind of itching for me. 😛

Well the next steps would be after our examinations, Level 3 Semester 2. We intend to set up a new FOSS resarch lab with the faculty along with other infrastructure changes we need for the students. (Specially the WiFi expansion for laptop users).

Taking in some FOSS projects and encouraging our students to involve with them would be another effort if they have already been grabbed by MS. He he :P.

Well…more projects to come from my head after the FOSS@FIT. Especially the FITCOC which I need to start soon after the ASE paper. But I am in danger of been stolen “my” intellectual property. Lets hope for the best n prepare for the worst.

Shadows grow so long before my eyes…..

Baby I love your way

Baby I love your way


OMG, its effort on game programming. I ve played the game and finished the main quest along with more of the side quests. Also the downlolded contents and finished Operation Achorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel and currently working on Point Outlook.


Fallout 3 DVD cover

Bethesda improves on this game by creating a set of enthusiastic fans around it. New scenarios, new perks, weapons, tougher enemies and armour keeps the forums updated.


I had played Fallout 2  and was addicted to it. This game did me the same and WOW, it created a new era of RPG.

Looking forward to keep my hands on to Mothership somethig DLC too.


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